Modi Invites Ivanka To India In A Shrewd Move

Modi is a shrewd operator and has done well on the world stage. His latest act inviting the president's daughter was a master stroke and helped forge closer ties.
Modi invites Ivanka to India in a shrewd move
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Narendra Modi is a dynamic leader who has a way about charming his hosts. This was apparent during his latest visit to the USA at the invitation of Donald Trump, the US president.Before the visit, Modi had realized that that the ace in the White House is Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president. In a shrewd move, he invited Trump and family to India. He also extended a special invitation to Ivanka to make it convenient to be in Delhi for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. This was a master stroke and the warmth the president extended to Modi was
partly because of this. Ivanka has accepted as informed by Trump and she will
be leading the US delegation to the Delhi meet. Invitation to Ivanka Ivanka has thanked Modi for the invitation on twitter and said she is looking forward to a visit to Delhi. One can be sure that Modi will ensure a royal reception for her as she has a big, big say in policy matters in the White House, where she has a special chamber as well. One cannot forget that the recent missile attack on Syria was at the suggestion of Ivanka and that means Trump listens to her. She along with her husband jarred Kushner are among the top echelons of policy advisors of the President. Modi has played his cards adroitly.

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