Hindu Scriptures Forecast The Arrival Of Muhammad, Founder Of Islam

Its one of the mysteries of the world how the ancient Hindu scriptures foretold that Muhammad would come and he would be from Arabia.
Hindu Scriptures Forecast the arrival of Muhammad, founder of Islam
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. The Puranas

Puranas are as old as HINDUISM and date from prehistoric times. The authorship of the Puranas is attributed to Maharishi Vyasa and he compiled his knowledge in 18 volumes. In 1935, Dr. Pran Nath carried out extensive research and published his research in leading newspapers of the day. He proved that the Rig Veda contains events of the Babylonian and Egyptian kings and their wars.He also believed that 20% of the Vedas were derived from Babylonian Scriptures. This is accepted by most history students, 

Many Hindu books prophesy about Prophet Mohammad. In addition, many of important references to

him like Abraham, Kaaba, Bakkah (Makkah) and Arabia are also mentioned. They mention about him and refer him as Mahamad, Mamah, and Ahmad. The name Mahamad appears in the Puranas, Mamah in Kuntap Sukt (in Atharva Veda) and Ahmad in Sama Veda. Prophecy in The Puranas The compiler of the Puranas, Maharishi Vyas wrote eighteen volumes of
the Puranas and one by the title ‘Bhavishya Puran,’ means future events. 

The prophecy containing Prophet Muhammad by name is found in Prati Sarg Parv III: 3, 3, Verse 5. The Bhavishya Puran says that a Malechha a spiritual leader will come and his name will be Mahamad. The prophesy further states in verses 5-27 of the Prati Sarg Parv III: 3, 3 that the man will be a dweller of Arabia.

 His followers will be circumcised and he will eat all meats except swine. The book also states that this man will fight all evil and his followers will spread all over the world. The Vedas also contain many references to Prophet Muhammad. Atharva Veda and Sama Veda III: 10, Mantra 1. relate about Muhammad. 

 The mention of Muhammad is undeniable in the Hindu scriptures, but one wonders if people will accept it.

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