Bose Alone Crosses The Bar Of A Great Leader

Looking at the present leaders after independence wearing lackadaisical dresses create an image of indecision while Bose comes out as a suave and sophisticated leader. Pity his role is not recognised
Bose Alone Crosses the Bar of a Great leader
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Recently while in Singapore and having a drink at the club with my friend a Major in the British army, an interesting conversation cropped up. He asked me " tell me, Captain, why do the Indian leaders wear Dhoti or pajama all the time?". He went on to say that the great warriors of the Hindus like Chandragupta, Raja Jai Singh, Porus never wore such dresses. He concluded that these dresses do not inspire the masses. I replied this is Indian national dress, but even when I said these words I realized the major had a point.A look at most of the leaders' show

that they think that by wearing such dresses, they can prove that they are with the masses, but then historically this leadership has left India way behind China and which is aspiring for global dominance. On the other hand, we are unable to even sort out Pakistan.

I was reminded of our defense Minister inspecting a Guard of honor in a kurta and chappals. A Guard of honor is a precise military drill and one can see how the American and Chinese leaders inspect a Guard. So the Major has a point. I have been wondering whether we had a dynamic leader who could have led India into the


My mind immediately turned to Subhas Chandra Bose. he exuded dynamism and not pessimism. One has just to see on youtube his meeting with the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, to realize that this man was a cut above others. His wartime photographs with the Indian army and general Tojo, reveal him as a born leader. Its a pity he passed away and the Congress under Nehru made all attempts to erase his memory from the history books. 

Thankfully, Lord Attle's book on his life is available and the man who piloted the Indian Independence Bill in the British parliament has gone on record that Gandhi had NO ROLE in the British decision to leave India. He goes on to add that the INA and Subhas Bose were the ONLY factors that convinced us to leave India.

Bose is an example, a fiery one. Whether he was a fascist or not is meaningless, but the fact is, he had qualities of leadership. Indian's must try and emulate him.


Article Written By Madan G Singh

An early retired Gp Capt from Air Force who is an Executive Director in the Corporate world. Loves to write fiction and articles. Published over 60 short stories and his novel" Romance of the Frontier" is published from Notion Books.His second novel is on way for publication. The author also has close to 10,000 articles on the b net with millions of views

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  • raghubirs  26-11-2017
    Thankfully our PM dresses immaculately- with aesthetic colour combination. But in democracy leaders have to align with the masses -therefore dhoti kurta by our old guards but this is changing fast. New gen leaders are following mostly modern dress codes. We got independence not due to mass movements but mostly in the wake of WWII when UK was not strong enough to control its vast empire. Not only India, all other UK colonies also gained their freedom in not long after WWII. Only Subhash Chnder Bose, INA and Naval mutiny were catalysts for UK to wind up fast from India. But all credit for freedom has been usurped by others.
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  • UmiNoor  24-11-2017
    I'm really not very familiar with India's history. I only know of Mahatma Ghandi and Indira Ghandi. Perhaps, you might write a more lengthy article about Bose who sounds like an incredible leader. This is the first I've read that Mahatma Ghandi had no hand in making the British leave India.
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    • Madan G Singh  25-11-2017
      Thank you UmiNoor for commenting. Yes, Bose was a great leader but the Congress downgraded his role.
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