Hugh Hefner To Be Laid To Rest Next To His Pet Model Mariyln Monroe

The magazine launched in 1953 was a global icon and Hugh never forgot that his rise was after he published a nude of the star Marilyn Monroe and like Alibaba riches and untold fame came his way
Hugh Hefner to be Laid to Rest Next to his Pet Model Mariyln Monroe
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Hugh Hefner is no more; he died at the ripe old age of 91. Hefner died of natural causes and leaves behind an iconic image and name as the man who changed western worlds puritanical modes to an open acceptance of nudity and beauty. His phrase " Naked is Beautiful" has become one of the most important quotes of all time. Hefner was a revolutionary who had the pulse of the American public in his hand. He launched the magazine "Playboy" for Americans, but the world lapped up the issues as well. The magazine was banned in many countries including India,

but there were smuggled issues available and people would pay fancy prices of thousands of rupees to get hold of an issue.

Hugh Hefner charted the concept of "bunnies' a euphemism for girls who modeled for his magazine. It all started in 1953 when the Magazine was launched and one of the girls who made the magazine

famous was the Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe. Later she confessed that she got just $ 50 for that shot, the photo is now worth millions. Monroe later died of an overdose of sleeping pills but Hugh never forgot that his rise was because of her.

Hugh is now gone to the next world and there are reports that his crypt will be laid to rest next to the resting place of La Monroe. Hugh set up a wave that for six decades changed the outlook of millions around the world and it is a fitting tribute that he will be remembered for all time to come.

The magazine may not survive the death of Hefner as porn is now available free on the net, but the magazine and Hugh Hefner will be part of history; never to be forgotten.

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