The Rashtra Swayam Sevak Sangh Has Anti Woman Bias?

The RSS claims itis a cultural organization, but even a layman can see that it has heavy political overtones. All said and done the RSS has not shown that women are in the same league as men.
The Rashtra Swayam Sevak Sangh has anti woman bias?
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The RSS has been around for decades. It has a checkered history and its aim is to revive Hinduism in its pristine glory. One can have no crib with this aim, but its interpretation of the sexes and their rights can certainly be questioned. The RSS for all practical purposes is a male chauvinistic organization. Nothing wrong with it but when it enforces its concept of India on people who don't agree with their philosophy is what irks one and all.

let's have a look at their dress code. Rahul Gandhi has very rightly pointed out that the RSS men wear shorts,

why not the women?. Why can't they wear shorts as well. Wearing shorts per se is not important, but it's the idea behind it that is not acceptable. Look at the hulla bulla created on love Jihad. Even simply mixing among couples is frowned upon and then
talking of Ram Rajya is something that has no meaning. What was Ram Rajya has never been explained? Who will do it?

One should not forget that during the days of the Raj, the RSS was a pro- British organization and encouraged Indian youth to join the army to fight the axis. They never supported Bose. All this can be forgiven( some may not) but the bias against equality of sexes is what matters. We will accept the RSS view if they allow their girl sevaks to dress like their boys. Let's see!

I also wonder why a woman has never headed the RSS or reached anywhere near the top echelon of the leadership. Wonder if RSS chief can explain.


Article Written By Madan G Singh

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  • raghubirs  14-10-2017
    One can support or oppose what RaGa says -upto a limit only. The remarks were quite undesirable. Whether i women wing parallel of RSS called -Rashtra Sevika Samiti should wear shorts is to be decided by them. RSS itself has switched over to full pants.
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