A Prakash Jha Film 'lipstick Under My Burka' Has Captivated Indian Audiences.

The film was banned by the censor board but now is cleared and raking in the moolah for the maker.
A Prakash Jha film 'Lipstick under my burka' has captivated Indian audiences.
Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipstick_Under_My_Burkha

"lipstick under my Burka is one of the avant garde films and is almost a trail blazer. Made at a cost of less than a crore the film has already grossed 14 crores at the box office and is going strong. Sadly the Film Censor Board under Govind Nihalani had banned the film as " unfit for screening". The producer well known Indian film word man Prakash Jha went to court and the high court had ordered the release of the film. It is certainly a KO blow for freedom of expression. The film is directed and conceived by Ankita Srivastava, a

28-year-old film maker and she being a woman has been able to break into the dreams and fantasies of the cloistered world of Muslim women.

The film that revolves around the fantasies of 4 women has some explicit love scenes that add to the aura of the film and

the director by these asks us to look inwards as all have hidden desires. "lipstick under my Burka" is thus a trailblazer and thankfully there has been no agitation against the film.The film gives a chance to a host of actors who are not stars and one realizes that these small time actors have delivered more than what a top star could have done

The director has done a swell job and the film has some haunting music with a lot of intellectual thought. I am reminded of another film a FRench one that I saw decades back " Girl on a motorcycle" which also dealt with latent desires. Oe can't say this film is in the same genre but it's not far behind and a great addition to Indian cinema.

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