The Baithlon A Tank Olympics Was Held For The 3rd Year In Russia

This is a competition for tanks of the worlds armored regiments and was hotly contested this year and Russia is leading so far.
The Baithlon a Tank Olympics was held for the 3rd year in Russia
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Ever heard of a Biathlon? well if you haven't then read on. It's a tank competition and is often referred to as the equivalent of the Olympics for tanks. These are heavily armored vehicles with mounted guns and machine guns and are the pride of any army. They are considered the elite and are referred to as Armored corps.

The idea for a tank competition was thought off by the Russian defense minister and so far 3 tank Olympics called a "biathlon" have been conducted: all in Russia. This year 19 nations have entered and so has the Indian army with two T-90 tanks

and a crew of six. The Biathlon opened on 29 July and will continue to 6 April 17. 

The Biathlon consists of a firing competition, precision shooting, racing and relay racing. It is a real test for man and machine and India ahas done well though they have been unable to match the Chinese and the Russian tanks and crew. Both these

countries are vying for the top honors though the Russians have beaten the Chinese team in both the firing and racing events.

The biathlon is still on and is attracting tremendous interest.  The Americans were invited but refused to participate in the events. Only they can tell us why, but in case they had come it would be interesting to watch how the tank crews of Russia and China square off against the American tanks and crew. It would have not only made great news but would have been extremely exciting.

Russia is leading in the tank Olympics so far and we will have to wait up to 6th August to see if there is any upset. India has, however, faded out from the top position. Maybe they need to practice tank manouevere a little more.

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